Saturday, November 20, 2010

We're in Kenya!

After 3 days of traveling, we're finally in Meru, a town/small city in central Kenya. Tired but happy, we're preparing for classes to begin on Monday. So far, we've been visiting schools, checking out computer labs, drinking tea, and figuring out how Kenya operates.
All of our hosts and host schools have been so friendly and helpful and we're all really grateful for each other's help. Since this is my first day with computer access, I don't have any photos ready for viewing, so check out these photos by Technology Partnership's tech guru, Tim Rutherford.
If you'd like to donate to the project (cameras, $$$ or digital camera accessories), please contact me at
The team visits Consolata Primary School in Meru, Kenya.

Visiting one of the computer labs.

Shortly after arriving in Nairobi.