Shoot Cameras Not Guns Student Banyar Aung getting a low angle in Yangon, Myanmar.

Shoot Cameras Not Guns is a Denver-based project that teaches photography as a tool for empowerment and social change.  

Workshops teach students how to tell their own stories to the world through photos. 
Student photography is used to engage local populations in dialogue that encourages social change and empowerment. 

SCNG was born in 2006 on the Thai/Burma (Myanmar) border, teaching photography to Burmese journalists-in-exile, and refugees seeking education. 

In 2010 SCNG provided photography training and cameras to youth and educators in Meru, Kenya. 

Locally, we partner with Flobots.org to teach photography to underserved and at-risk youth. Youth use photos as a form of communication, storytelling, empowerment, and as an alternative to violence.

Custom trainings are available to people of all ages, focusing on skills for journalism, communication and art. 

Shoot Cameras Not Guns was founded, and is directed, by photographer Diana Sabreen.

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