Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Classes Have Begun! (This is an understatement)


It's been a week and a half of classes already and due to minimal internet access, this is my first post! I've taught over 200 students so far. They have been primary and secondary school students, as well as teachers. There are 10 cameras that are being donated (thanks to all of you supporters). One camera goes to each school. Each school has approximately 600 students and staff. This is 6,000 people empowered with a new tool for education, journalism and social change!
Students at Meru High School talk about why they want to learn photography.

A photo by and of students at Gikumene Girl's High School.

The students are SO excited about learning photography and many of them want to be professional photographers. Others like photography as a hobby, or just want to learn for fun. Students range from never having used a camera to those whose families own a camera and use it regularly. The majority have never used a camera, or have used one very minimally.

Photo by and of students at Kaaga Boy's High School in a Shoot Cameras Not Guns photography class.

I've so far taught at Meru Boy's High School, Kaaga Boy's High School, Gikumene Girl's High School and am currently teaching classes to the students of Fred's Academy. All of these schools are in or around Meru. The teachers' class that I've also been teaching is made up of teachers who are taking computer literacy classes with Technology Partnership. Along with learning word processing, Excel, and Power Point, they are taking this optional afternoon class and learning how to integrate digital photography with education! (And probably just for fun, too :) It's a LOT of information in one week, but they're all super excited and the photo classes give them a chance to stretch their bones, roll around in the grass and climb on stuff after a long day of learning about computers. Many (but not all) of these teachers' schools will receive a digital camera for the staff and students to borrow and/or use in the classroom. If you'd like to donate a (new or used) camera, contact me at

Here are a few more for the road... (all by the students)

Basketball at Meru Boy's School

Ian helping out with the teachers' class.

The Meru boys brought the camera around campus overnight and came back with these shots (above and below)

Bananas at school!

Gikumene Girl's School

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