Friday, March 30, 2012

Flobots Workshop at Cole Arts and Sciences Academy

The first collaboration of Shoot Cameras Not Guns and was a great success! The Flobots are a Denver based hip hop group that creates nationally known music filled with positive and thought provoking lyrics. Their non-profit offshoot teaches youth and community members how to use and create music for social change. "Art to Action" instructor Adrian Molina and I partnered up at Cole Arts & Sciences Academy in Denver to teach an after school program to elementary and middle school students. We focused on light graffiti, or "light painting," to allow the youth to express themselves anonymously. Graffiti is something most of the kids see every day and can relate to. Light graffiti adds another level to the art of graffiti, while taking away the risk and disrespect of property that is often associated with this form of expression. 


We started off making some photos as a group before moving on to individually created photos.

The individual shots are a response to the questions, "What makes you feel weak?" and "What makes you feel strong?" Each artist thought of a motion that embodied this feeling and then performed it for the camera to record.  

Photo by Dalaun, who's family makes him feel strong. Laying on the couch makes him feel weak: 

Photos by Nehemiah:  

Photo by Maria: 

Molina messing around with the camera on very slow shutter speeds, with flash: 

Photo by Patricia, who feels strong when using a computer (which she drew with the lights): 
Photo by Savejon, who feels both weak and strong when stretching: 

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